Mar 14, 2014

Natrabu, Minang Restaurant (Jl. Sabang)

The first time I tried this restaurant maybe around five years ago then I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and the food. Especially Rendang Padang, Ayam Pop and Gajebo. It fells like in heaven when you eat it, haha... Basically, Padang restaurant is like all you can eat Indonesian version (>,<).

Natrabu is Minang/ Padang food with Minangkabau atmosphere, served all variant of Minang dishes since 1958. It is really famous, even the President palace ordered the Minang food from this restaurant. Amazing, right??

Nah, bellow is Rendang basah khas Minang. Why I love Rendang? Maybe the reason is same with the others who choose Rendang to be the No.1 of the most delicious food in the world. Rendang is a spicy beef, rich in spices, uses coconut milk and a paste of mixed ground spices.

Then the most of my favorite dish is Ayam Pop. Ayam Pop is Padang style chicken, served with spicy sour sauce. While fried chicken is golden brown, ayam pop is light-colored. Why? Because the process of the cook is little bit unique. After the chicken boiled/steamed perfectly with all the spices and coconut water and all the flavor absorbed by the chicken then fried shortly just to make it warm.

Mmm.. OK, maybe this chicken picture is not tempting but I believe this is will be your favorite menu after you taste it. The chicken meat is vary savory and full of flavor and always make my mouth watering while remember it.

One thing when you eat in Padang or Minang resto, don't forget to taste cassave leaf mixed with coconut milk. It is a must!!

Variants of Gulai. Chicken, Beef, Kikil,and maaaany more.

Gajebo, this menu is not always available in all Padang/ Minang resto but Natrabu served it. I really love it, the taste is spicy mixed sour, oohh.. you have to taste it.

So, selamat makaaannn..

Natrabu Restaurant
Jl. KH Agus Salim No.29A (Sabang street, Jakarta)


bob si pelaut said...

ini enakkkk..cincangnya.....daging semua...sluuurrrppp nyam...nyam...

Mellys Preference said...

@bob si pelaut : ayam popnya endeeessssss.... said...


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maudy ayunda said...

nikmatnya kerasa jauh sampe disini mbak .. hemmmm

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Mellys Preference said...

Hi Maudy... ayuk datenglah atuh ke natrabu, hehehe...

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