Mar 14, 2014

Finding a Good Iga Penyet (Warung Tekko version)

Iga Penyet or we called Penyet Ribs?? Haha.. dunno! Iga Penyet is one of Ribs variant menu made from Indonesia and this is one of my favorite menu of the Ribs. If you want to taste it but not really like spicy of Sambal, try to visit Warung Tekko. Warung Tekko is a restaurant, specialty of Ribs. And their no.1 menu is Iga Penyet.

They have 3 categories of Sambal. No spicy, middle and spicy. I choose the middle spicy but not spicy at all for me so I added the spicy one then I've fall in love. The Ribs is so tender and easy to eat. So far I love Iga Penyet at Warung Tekko will be back for sure.

Warung Tekko
Cibubur Junction, Ground Floor
Jl. Jambore, Jakarta Timur

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