Feb 10, 2014

Hot Sexy Crab at Telaga Seafood Restaurant, Cibubur

Yeah, we love seafood.... Even I have allergic of Prawn and Squid and some fish, but for Crab.. Yes I love it. One of my favorite dish and recommended menu on this restaurant is the crab. Egg Crab with Padang Sauce, it's really good you have to try it.

Look how hot, spicy and sexy this crab. Really, I can finished this whole portion only for me.


Kangkung Cah Terasi and Udang Galah Bakar so tempting, nyum... I'm mouthwatering right now -_-"

My Hubby and My Mom really love this Clamp but I prefer the Gurame Bakar with Spicy Soysauce, so yummy...

 This restaurant also served Otak Otak for Snack. Not really my favorite but not bad at all.

 I really recommend this restaurant if you live around Cibubur area. Good food, good view, love it.

Telaga Seafood Restaurant
Jl. Akses Baru Buperta No.3 Cibubur
Telp : 021 8442299

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