Feb 11, 2014

Be my Valentine at OHLALA Cafe

Are you ready for Valentine day?? If yes then bring your special one to the special place and I think OHLALA Cafe at Kota Kasablanka is a great choice.

Yesterday they invited me to introduce their Valentine Special Menu and also their cafe concept. Basically it is still French ambiance but more Romantic and Casual Dining.

On this Valentine Special Menu you can get Appetizer, Two selections of Main Course and Dessert for only IDR 250.000 exclude drink. This Package is limited on February only. Interesting right??

Let's start with the appetizer menus. There are Gratin Chicken Avocado Bruschetta, I love it... In the middle is Deep fried mozzarella stick with marinara sauce and Salsa with baked potato jacket. Nice starter right?

For main course, there are chicken, beef until fish and I ordered Beef Wellington than my brodeh order Roast Chicken, Scaloppini potato and ratatouille.

Above is my Beef Wellington, the looks a bit different with others Beef Wellington that I've tasted before. But for the taste, it's really nice. The beef is so tender, the pastry is so crispy. The Gravy sauce is perfect and the scallop potato is also nice.  

The Roast Chicken, Scaloppini potato and ratatouille above was a bit disappointing. The roast chicken skin is too sour, I thought maybe there's a cheese melt on the skin but there's not. Other than that, the roast chicken is OK!

That's the chef.

And this is me. I look fatter right?? Sigh...

OK, don't ruin your romantic menu with my picture, hehe... Just continue to the Dessert, they served us 3 choices of cakes. Strawberry shortcake, Peach cake and Opera cake. I love the Strawberry Shortcake, it's sweet, smooth and how nice the strawberry jam melted in my mouth.

For a restaurant established since 1990 until now I think that's a great achievement. And if they continue to maintain their restaurant and their menus they will established for a long long long time for sure.

So, anyone from you will come and taste the Valentine Special Menu??

OHLALA Cafe Kota Kasablanka
Kota Kasablanka Mall UG Floor
Price : IDR 24.000 - IDR 104.000 exc. Tax

Feb 10, 2014

Hot Sexy Crab at Telaga Seafood Restaurant, Cibubur

Yeah, we love seafood.... Even I have allergic of Prawn and Squid and some fish, but for Crab.. Yes I love it. One of my favorite dish and recommended menu on this restaurant is the crab. Egg Crab with Padang Sauce, it's really good you have to try it.

Look how hot, spicy and sexy this crab. Really, I can finished this whole portion only for me.


Kangkung Cah Terasi and Udang Galah Bakar so tempting, nyum... I'm mouthwatering right now -_-"

My Hubby and My Mom really love this Clamp but I prefer the Gurame Bakar with Spicy Soysauce, so yummy...

 This restaurant also served Otak Otak for Snack. Not really my favorite but not bad at all.

 I really recommend this restaurant if you live around Cibubur area. Good food, good view, love it.

Telaga Seafood Restaurant
Jl. Akses Baru Buperta No.3 Cibubur
Telp : 021 8442299