Dec 30, 2013

Le Bridge, Ancol Jakarta

One of recommended restaurant when you go around Ancol Bay is Le Bridge. The food is quite so so, but if you want to relax while watching through ocean, hehe... Nope, just watching Ancol actually. But ya, I love this place. 

Even, you can fish on right in front of the entrance, LOL

The Food and Drink charge around IDR 10.000 - IDR 60.000. This time I tasted Meat Loaf Hotdog (IDR 35.455) and Chicken Steak (IDR 55.455). For Drink I order Chocolate Milkshake (IDR 24.545) and Ice Cappucino (IDR 28.182).

Never eat Meatloaf before, it is quite nice.

This Chicken Steak is a bit strange, I've never eat Chicken Steak with the bones inside. But for the taste, it is not bad.

And this is we...

What that I don't like from Le Bridge is, there's no toilet at this place. So if you want to pee you better run to the beach. WTH!

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