Nov 20, 2013

Universal Studio Singapore (Second Visit)

On my last day in Singapore this time, I took a chance to visit Universal Studio in the morning. It's a bit gloomy but it's alright I still insist to have fun on that place.

Yes, I'm here agaiiiinnn.... \(^_^)/

On that time, this is the new ride. Sesame street area. But, honestly this is suite for toddler, not us, haha...

This is my favorite area, Sci-Fi City . Transformer 4D and Galactica. I just rode "Human" on my last visit and now I really want to ride "Cyclon."

Unfortunately, my friend doesn't want to ride it,and I don't really dare to ride alone, haha... Sigh -_-"

Transformer ride is always rock! I love it...

I love this picture.

What best in this place is, we can find so many good spot to take a picture. I really love it :)

Imagine, if still there's a cab like this. So cool... 

Attraction from the street dance. Not really different with another street dance that I've seen but quite entertaining.

 With Mr. Jelly Belly, so cuteee...

The end, we headed to the Changi Airport and back to Jakarta. See you again Singapore... .

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