Nov 20, 2013

MUBANK JAKARTA 2013 - Awesomeee

Still about K-Pop wave. Do you guys know about MUBANK?? One of Korean event that really famous in Korea or even Asia. This year, that event was held in Jakarta. And lucky me coz I able to attend the show. It's like got a many flavor in one cup. SUPER JUNIOR and 2PM on that show!!! That's what soooo greatttt.

This event was only one day after I return to Jakarta and the next day I'll fly to Bangkok, pheww... Can U imagine how tired my body was??

But all my tired was gone after I sat to the arena and seen this huge stage and big screen in front of me. Aaahh, Siwoooonnn we'll meet agaiinnn and aaahh, Nichkhuuunnn I'll see you, finally... . I'm so excited on that time, hoho...

Finally the show begun and a dance from Jakarta opened the show. Whose join the show :

1. Teen Top
2. Infinite
3. Shine
4. Sistar
5. Beast
6. Afghan
7. Super Junior
8. 2PM

and many mooreee...

So sorry, I couldn't captured many pictures coz I really enjoyed the show. I've recorded the video of Super Junior, Infinite and 2Pm performances actually but the file was so big and I couldn't uploaded -_-"

But the important is, I was soooo happyyyyy.... My dream to meet Nichkhun comes true. 

Even a bit untidy but so far I love the show. Siwon is so handsome and Nichkhun is soooo cute. MUBANK JAKARTA 2013 AWESOMEEEE!!!

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