Nov 16, 2013

Haising Hotel, Singapore (Double Bed)

Before, I've inform you about how the Single Room of this budget hotel (in here) , right? Now,I'll show you how the double room looks.

Still same with the previous room that I knew before, the room is not big. The Bed is also not big but enough for me and my friend. This room is on 3rd floor and we have to pay s$75/nite on the weekend for this room. If you want the lower floor (2nd floor) the charge is s$85/nite.

The furniture rightly in front of the bed or maybe we called really close to the bed.

The bathroom is also really close to the bed. We can face rightly the bathroom when we open the room door. 

Hotel 81 Dickson and Wonderlust hostel behind the Haising Hotel.

Truthfully, there's no many space in this room. The room is really small but for me, I don't need any spacious room when I'm in Singapore. Singapore is the place for have fun, hang out, shopping and we only need the room for sleep. 

Eniwei this is the third time I back to this hotel, why? The answer is coz the room is clean enough and the charge is also cheap off course also close enough to the MRT station. Or, any other recommendation where I able to get the private, clean room and affordable hotel like this?


Haising Hotel
37 Jalan Besar Singapore 208801
Tel: (65) 62981223 Fax: (65) 62986609


dysaktisakti said...

hi Melly..pakabar? ini dy temen di multiply dulu :)

ini di spore daerah mana? add dong blog-ku..

Mellys Preference said...

Hi mba Dyyy... alhamdulillah kabarku baik. dirimuh bgmn??
Ini didaerah Bugis, deket2 Little India, mba..
Sudah kulengkapi tuh alamatnya, hihi...
Oke, aku add ya :)

dysaktisakti said...

kabar alhm baikk hehe..

waa boleh nih jadi referensi klo jalan kesana..

thx ya udh add.. :)

Mellys Preference said...

Iya, sama2, mba Dyy.. :)