Nov 14, 2013

Garden By The Bay, Singapore

Hullla, finaly I'm back! It almost one year, right? Yes, sorry coz I'm lil bit busy. So much drama, fake friendship and my program to get a baby. Those things fillin my day in almost whole this year. Make me tired and guess what I lose 8 kilos my weight. Incredible? Irony? Whatever u want to call lah, hehe...

But It's oke now. I'm enjoying my life now. I gained 3 kilos more and just feel thankful to what I got until this day. I'm blessed. God love me :)

Eniwei this early year I went to Singapore. This's my first time to go overseas after wearing a hijab. A lil bit weird, coz usually I wore T-shirt and short pants but now I've to thinking my clothes properly from head to toe.

Garden by the bay is the first destination when I was in Singapore. It was huge. Stunning. Incredible. Tired but fun. Bellow is my journey to the park.

This bridge is sooooooo scary. Even made from steel but still the wind blows up and made the bridge shaking. Cooolll, haha...

After satisfied around the garden then we move to Marina Bay. The alley to Marina Bay was also cool. I love the wallpaper and yup we took pictures more, cheerrss...

Let me take a breath for a while then  I'll share u another journey when I was in Singapore, bye..

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