Nov 27, 2013

Bandung, May 2013

Bandung, one of my favorite city near Jakarta. Actually for me there's no special from this town. Same like Jakarta, this is one of the busiest town in Indonesia. Every weekend, almost a half Jakarta people move to this place, included Me, hehe...

While the others sleep to kill the time than me enjoy the view. Blue Sky, Green landscape, This is so beautiful.

The Jayakarta Hotel at Dago area is one of my favorite hotel in Bandung, and this.. is my favorite escape.

That time is early morning and I wake up suddenly. While my hubby still on his dream, I watched this beautiful morning...

It's only 2.5 hours form Jakarta, but 6 o'clock still fresh and cold at this town. Really different with Jakarta. Yes, maybe this is why I still love Bandung.

Talked about the culinary, you can prove it Bandung is also one of the best city for food. And I'm ready to visit one of the famous place to hang out in Bandung right know, Karnivor.

That's the place and food for hang out. If we want to eat the real food in Bandung, try to go to Dago Panyawangan resto.

Oh Bandung, Bandung I miss you...

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