Dec 30, 2013

Black Canyon Coffee, MOI

It's a bit strange but yes I've never drink coffee at this place. Another chocolate and shake always tempt me, LOL.

The location is inside the department store, Centro. So for you dad, if you really tired to follow your wife shopping, just sit in here and give your wallet to her, ahay...

Strawberry Milkshake, IDR 25.000,-

Cute Banana Frappe, IDR 25.000,-

Chocolate Frapppe, IDR 25.000,-

 Black Canyon Mix Fries, IDR 25.000,-

And I just realized all the menu's charge are IDR 25.000???

Le Bridge, Ancol Jakarta

One of recommended restaurant when you go around Ancol Bay is Le Bridge. The food is quite so so, but if you want to relax while watching through ocean, hehe... Nope, just watching Ancol actually. But ya, I love this place. 

Even, you can fish on right in front of the entrance, LOL

The Food and Drink charge around IDR 10.000 - IDR 60.000. This time I tasted Meat Loaf Hotdog (IDR 35.455) and Chicken Steak (IDR 55.455). For Drink I order Chocolate Milkshake (IDR 24.545) and Ice Cappucino (IDR 28.182).

Never eat Meatloaf before, it is quite nice.

This Chicken Steak is a bit strange, I've never eat Chicken Steak with the bones inside. But for the taste, it is not bad.

And this is we...

What that I don't like from Le Bridge is, there's no toilet at this place. So if you want to pee you better run to the beach. WTH!

Nov 27, 2013

Bandung, May 2013

Bandung, one of my favorite city near Jakarta. Actually for me there's no special from this town. Same like Jakarta, this is one of the busiest town in Indonesia. Every weekend, almost a half Jakarta people move to this place, included Me, hehe...

While the others sleep to kill the time than me enjoy the view. Blue Sky, Green landscape, This is so beautiful.

The Jayakarta Hotel at Dago area is one of my favorite hotel in Bandung, and this.. is my favorite escape.

That time is early morning and I wake up suddenly. While my hubby still on his dream, I watched this beautiful morning...

It's only 2.5 hours form Jakarta, but 6 o'clock still fresh and cold at this town. Really different with Jakarta. Yes, maybe this is why I still love Bandung.

Talked about the culinary, you can prove it Bandung is also one of the best city for food. And I'm ready to visit one of the famous place to hang out in Bandung right know, Karnivor.

That's the place and food for hang out. If we want to eat the real food in Bandung, try to go to Dago Panyawangan resto.

Oh Bandung, Bandung I miss you...

Nov 26, 2013

Putri Duyung Cottage, Ancol Jakarta

Do you know that Jakarta have a cottage?? Yes, the name is Putri Duyung Cottage. The place located inside Taman Impian Jaya Ancol.

They named their room with name of fish. Such as Deluxe Room becoming a Bawal Room. 

The room is quite big. The furniture is a bit old but thanks God they have been renovated their bath room.

21th century bathroom mixed with 90s oldschool  furniture.

So far I love this cottage. You know, where else we can find the quite escape with Beach and One stop entertainment in one place inside the city? Ancol is the best area for it. What that I don't like is the trash!!

I'm wondering why the water of this beach is really dirty. But looking on this picture, I think I know it. Yes, human made it.

At least I hope The Putri Duyung cottage could manage the cleanliness of their cottage area better, so the guess will not find the embarrassing moment like this.

But yeah, as long there's no cottage with beach front view inside Jakarta except Putri Duyung, I'll back to this place for sure.

Katy Perry Unique Book Clutch

What the best on event like Oscar and Music Award, we can see many new things that possible will be a trend this or next year. What that catching my eyes is the unique clutch on Katy Perry hand.

This, will becoming a trend for sure. I want one kind of clutch like that in my closets right now, haha...

Katty look stunning on this gown, Love it!

Websters Newworld Dictionary? Is it for real or just for this clutch? I dunoo, either. But I imagine, purple, red, black, pink or even broken white will be good for this dictionary. Are you agree with me?

I loveeeee Taylor Swift

Have you heard that Taylor won "Artist of the Year" for the third time on AMA 2013 last nite? Waoooww, she's sooo lucky and I love her more.

Reuters/ Mario Anzuoni

Beside that, she also won the favorite female pop/ rock artist, female country artist and country album for her 2012 album called "Red". Yes, I love "Red". Song titled 22 and Everything has changed is really Taylor. Easy listening, fun but deep meaning.

She's really like a barbie. I love every clothes that she wear, I love every make up and hair do that she do. Perfect!

 Reuters/ Mario Anzuoni

One of the lyrics that I love is, "Everything will be alright if we keep dancing like we 22, uu.. uuu..." Hihihihi...

Yeah, You Go, Girl.. Go Tayloooorrrr!!!

Nov 20, 2013

MUBANK JAKARTA 2013 - Awesomeee

Still about K-Pop wave. Do you guys know about MUBANK?? One of Korean event that really famous in Korea or even Asia. This year, that event was held in Jakarta. And lucky me coz I able to attend the show. It's like got a many flavor in one cup. SUPER JUNIOR and 2PM on that show!!! That's what soooo greatttt.

This event was only one day after I return to Jakarta and the next day I'll fly to Bangkok, pheww... Can U imagine how tired my body was??

But all my tired was gone after I sat to the arena and seen this huge stage and big screen in front of me. Aaahh, Siwoooonnn we'll meet agaiinnn and aaahh, Nichkhuuunnn I'll see you, finally... . I'm so excited on that time, hoho...

Finally the show begun and a dance from Jakarta opened the show. Whose join the show :

1. Teen Top
2. Infinite
3. Shine
4. Sistar
5. Beast
6. Afghan
7. Super Junior
8. 2PM

and many mooreee...

So sorry, I couldn't captured many pictures coz I really enjoyed the show. I've recorded the video of Super Junior, Infinite and 2Pm performances actually but the file was so big and I couldn't uploaded -_-"

But the important is, I was soooo happyyyyy.... My dream to meet Nichkhun comes true. 

Even a bit untidy but so far I love the show. Siwon is so handsome and Nichkhun is soooo cute. MUBANK JAKARTA 2013 AWESOMEEEE!!!

Universal Studio Singapore (Second Visit)

On my last day in Singapore this time, I took a chance to visit Universal Studio in the morning. It's a bit gloomy but it's alright I still insist to have fun on that place.

Yes, I'm here agaiiiinnn.... \(^_^)/

On that time, this is the new ride. Sesame street area. But, honestly this is suite for toddler, not us, haha...

This is my favorite area, Sci-Fi City . Transformer 4D and Galactica. I just rode "Human" on my last visit and now I really want to ride "Cyclon."

Unfortunately, my friend doesn't want to ride it,and I don't really dare to ride alone, haha... Sigh -_-"

Transformer ride is always rock! I love it...

I love this picture.

What best in this place is, we can find so many good spot to take a picture. I really love it :)

Imagine, if still there's a cab like this. So cool... 

Attraction from the street dance. Not really different with another street dance that I've seen but quite entertaining.

 With Mr. Jelly Belly, so cuteee...

The end, we headed to the Changi Airport and back to Jakarta. See you again Singapore... .