Oct 24, 2012

Starbot Cafe, Universal Studio Singapore

There's an unique cafe at Universal Studio, Singapore. The name is Starbot cafe near on Transformer area. 

See, we are in the Autobot plane, hahahaha... This venue is really attract the children and also my hubby who really crazy with the Transformer.

Then for the food, I ordered Sausage Combo, SGD 12.80. There are Sausage Grilled with veggie & mashed potato also a cup of Pudding Lychee for dessert.

 I couldn't finished all, the portion is really huge but the taste is not really good.

Above is Teriyaki combo, SGD 12.80. Teriyaki chicken Fried Rice with the vegie. Aaahh, this's also not good. -_____-"

Btw they gave us those Green Bean cake for free, it's kind a Onde-onde at Jakarta but trust me, Onde-onde taste is so much better than this.

Overall I felt not happy when eat at this restaurant, even the venue is awesome but the taste is awful, sigh...

Starbot Cafe
Resort World Sentosa
Universal Studio Singapore

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