Oct 25, 2012

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant, Singapore

Trust me this Miyabi Japanese Resto is really different with the Miyabi Sushi at Jakarta. The taste, the charge and the privilege is really exclusive. Miyabi Resto only open at Lunch time and Dinner time and only the member who able to book the place via phone.

I ordered Salmon Sushi, SGD 9 and Tuna Sushi, SGD 12. The fish is really thick and fresh, love it.

I also ordered Salmon Tepanyaki set, with veggie and miso soup but I can't remember how the charge is. The taste is also really good.

The Tepanyaki veggie with crispy Tuna skin.

There are also free salad and fruit for us, great :)

So far this place is really recommended, I hope I'll able to back to this restaurant again, Itadakimazuuu..


Miyabi Japanese Restaurant
1 Plymouth Ave
2nd Storey Raffles Town Club
Tel: 63573335

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Wong SL said...

Looks great, I wanna check it out too! Ever since I started learning Japanese at Learn Japanese In Singapore I have had craving for everything Japanese..