Oct 25, 2012

Lucky Plaza, the Food Corner

Who doesn't know of The Lucky Plaza? The Place at The Orchard road that you can find cheap souvenir and even cosmetic and fragrance. But do you know even the goods, Lucky plaza also have a cheap food center? I've tried and some of them are recommended.

Do you believe this Roast Duck with Hainan Rice is only S$4?? Yes, of course you have to believe. The taste is also not bad. You have to try it, pals!

Above is my favorite Kimchi Ramyun ever!! The taste is really good and I love it. First, the menu looks similar as Indomie Kari Ayam with veggie, egg blended with sweet and sour sauce but if you try it, the taste is really Korean. How should I explain?? Ya, better if you try it, pals, hehehe... This Ramyun with the side dish is only S$5.

Nasi Lemak, Malaysia, S$10. Quite expensive and the taste is not good. Weeww, this is not recommended,sorry!

I wondering, why Malaysian and Indonesian food always taste really bad at Singapore?? Do you?

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