Oct 22, 2012

Eatology, 1st Visit

Eatology is the name of one of the newest fine dining at Jalan Sabang, so when this restaurant is near from the office, I stopped by to lunch with my hubby. When I went there, there are some promotion such as by meal free drink and get free dessert if we follow their twitter.

Then for meal, I ordered Wagyu Prime steak, IDR 108K with free drink, Ice lemon tea. The steak appearance really made my mouthwatering and hurry to tasted but what I got is not as my expected. The meat is really tough and hard to chewed. The BBQ sauce is also really sour. So what should I say?? 

My hubby ordered Sesame Beef Bowl, IDR 69 with Orange Juice, IDR 35. The taste of this food is also just so so.

The corner that made me felt in love.

The wood and marble decoration really blended perfectly at this restaurant.

Eatology also had a smoking and non smoking area but I chooses the smoking area because the decoration is really comfort and unique. The non smoking area just like a dining room, too bad :(

For me, with the decoration and the taste of the food, Eatology is only the place for release your stress or chat with your friend or colleague after the office hour. I heard they try to fix their things to make this restaurant better. Maybe I'll come to this restaurant again but not for this time. So, wanna try to come?

Jl. H Agus Salim No. 22 D-E Jakarta Pusat
021 - 31991135

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