Oct 25, 2012

Bugis Food Temptation, Singapore

First time I went to Bugis Junction, the place is look horrible for me. It's kind a Blok M mall and the Bugis street looks like Melawai market. But the last time I went there, Feb 2012, the place is better. The Bugis junction also comfort with many various restaurant and food court. 

The one I tried is Ice coffee by Uncle's Kitchen, S$2.5/ glass. The taste is like Nescafe ice for me. Not really good but not really bad.

Still at the Uncle's Kitchen, I ordered Fried Rice with Fried Chicken, S$ 4.8/portion. The Fried Chicken is really huge, I wondering what kind of chicken they use -____-". The taste is also so so.

Then my friend ordered Fish & veggie, S$ 4.8/portion. The taste is better than what I ordered, sigh....

Not enough with that, now we to tasted Subway Sandwich. Many food reviewer said Subway taste is really good but for me the taste is just so so, and they doesn't have chili sauce, aaarrgghhh....

Looks, what do you think about the Bugis street look? Similar with Melawai, Blok M, right??

We can find my cheap street food at this area. Charge for each is only S$1, food and drink even the gift food is also quite cheap. Oh ya, the interesting point is they sale the fruit at the nite. All of fruit you can find only S$1 per package. Great!!

At Bugis area, we also can find many Indonesia people who also live at the hotel near here. So far me, I love the Bugis. Cheap food, cheap accommodation but good service.


Enlightenment said...

nice written

Mellys Preference said...

@Enlightenment : Thank you :)