Oct 24, 2012

Andersen's Ice Cream, Singapore

Another my favorite ice cream besides Belgian Chocolate Hagen Dazs is Andersen's Almond Bar at Plaza Singapura. 

My first photo taking picture with this cute ice cream.

This Almond Bar, SGD 5.50 is really huge, thick and yummy. I have to say Magnum ice cream is cannot beat this one. Even I really don't like vanilla ice cream but every time I ate this one I always finished all the whole thing of this ice cream, hehehe...

Than my hubby favorite is the Chocolate flavor with the Choco Cip additonal, SGD 7. The taste is same delicious as the Hagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate, also love this one.

I'll always come back to this place when I visit Singapore. 

Andersen's of Denmark
Plaza Singapura
Telp : 65-65696256

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