Aug 14, 2012

The Opening of The Baked Goods at UK, Sency

Thursday, August 9 2012 placed at Urban Kitchen, Senayan City, The Baked Goods opening their new store. Mr. Erwin Parengkuan and wife as the owner also comes on the event and introduce their new variant diabetic cake & cookies also the best seller of the cakes.

The Baked Goods counter placed rightly beside the exit way of the Urban Kitchen,

These are my favorite cakes after Lemon poppyseed. The Carrot cake, Cheese Cake and Bublaninna. If you love vanilla, lil cheese and Strawberry so Bublaninna is the best selection for you. Than My Mom love the Korma cookies and the Diabetic Carrot cake. I also bought her the Normal and the Diabetic Dark Chocolate Cookies but she doesn't like the Diabetic series, she love the normal one.

Photo session with the Baked Goods owner.

Girls going crazy, Octa and Aline they bought various cookies and cakes.

 Actually so do I, ehemmm....

Thanks for Goorme, The Urban Kitchen and The Baked Goods for the delicious food ^_^


Out of line, but we ending that nite with Quickly Choco Taro and Kebab Baba Rafi. Geezzz, like our tummy is more than one, hahahaha....

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