Jul 30, 2012

Ramadhan Delight at Collage Pullman Central Park, Jakarta

Berbuka puasa dengan menu buffet? Kenapa tidak? Kali ini saya mendapat kesempatan untuk berbuka puasa di Collage Resto, Pullman Central Park, Jakarta. Another reason to come to Collage this Ramadhan is because Chef Ayman Ahmed from Pullman Dubai is came special to preparing Ramadhan Delight with the original touch of Mediterranean Cuisines for us. Interesting, right??

Started with Ta'jil menu. All kind of this food & drink surely will satisfy your hunger after fasting for a whole day.

Then after that we go to the main buffet menu. It's impress me, they are not served Mediterranean cuisine only but also Western until Asian food, it's so great!

I started the main dish with Nasi Briyani, Mixed grill satay and kind of eggplant with cheese and meat. I love the mixed grill, all kind of meat it's very tender, even the lamb is also friendly with my teeth brace (¬‿¬).

 Sengari Fish. It's Gindara Fish, honestly I can't to tasted coz my allergic -_____-".

Kind of Cold Appetizer. Yogurt with cucumber, Betrout Mutabel, Stuffing Eggplant, Eggplant Musagah, Cauliflower with Tarator, Hummus. I don't like cucumber but Yogurt with cucumber it's just different, I like it.


Shawirma Chicken. Saran saya, coba campurkan semua daging didalamnya, Perfecto!!

Now we move to Japanese Food. Off course sushi always on the list. Itadakimassu....

Sashimi and fresh Seafood, anyone??

Then closed with kind of Tapas.

Kind of beautiful bread. It's just like a decoration for me, hehe...

The Collage interior. It's very warm & cozy, I like it.

Thanks for Pullman CP friends, especially Ms. Rita who invited me to joint this evening food journey. Now Collage is listed as my favorite Buffet restaurant ^_^.

Buffet Price:

Rp. 198.000 ++ (lunch)
Rp. 218.000++ (dinner)
Weekend Brunch

Rp. 248.000++ non-alcohol
Rp.418.000++ alcohol
Ramadhan Ta'jil
Rp. 95.000++ (break fasting)
All prices are subjected to 21% of Government tax and Service Charge