May 9, 2012

The Homy "Lekker Bekker", Sumarecon Mall

Do you know what the meaning of Lekker Bekker?? Me, I don't know, hehe..  Just know Lekker means is "Endess" and that's why so I came to this restaurant. From outside, this Restaurant looks very homy and cozy, and I couldn't wait to get in.

Looks, the exterior is so adorable, right?? Then I'm in and The interior design of this restaurant is cute too. It's like we are in the garden. There are swing chair in there, it's soo cute. I sat on the swing chair, hehe... There is a tent, the wall hangings, the ceiling until the mini kitchen, oh  I love it!

The servant said their favorite menu is the pofertjess, I ordered Bolletjes with Avocado Ice Cream, IDR 24.5. The texture of the pofertjess is very soft and yes, warm pofertjess topped the flour sugar is the best. The avocado home made ice cream tasted like a green bean but that's fine.

Then for the main dish I ordered Smoked Beef Sizzling Rice, IDR 32.5. They served the Fried Rice soooo cute. You can directly eat the food from the pan, haha.. Interesting. But the taste is not tasty. I just give 2 from 5 star for the taste of this menu.

Then for the drink we ordered Strawberry Juice, IDR 19.5 and Banana Frappe, IDR 24.5. The Banana Frappe is perfect and also the Strawberry Juice, it is so fresh, I love it!

Aahh, I really wanna go back to this restaurant. Wanna joint?? ☜(*▽*)☞  ☜(˚▽˚)☞


Lovebbi Suryanto said...

haaaa aku pernah kesana.. tempatnya emang lucu tapi main coursenya kurang enak.. enakan buat duduk sambil ketawa ketiwi sm temen2 :)

Melly's Preference said...

Hi Vebbiee... *cipikacipiki

Iya main coursenya kurang endess ya, tapi kalo untuk vibe, resto ini nyaman sekali :D