Apr 20, 2012

Nannini Menu Tasting at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

Kamis, 29 Maret 2012 saya dan beberapa teman blogger lainnya mendapat kesempatan untuk icip-icip hidangan Nannini Resto di soft launch gerai mereka yang kedua di Plaza Indonesia 2nd floor. I was quite impress with their signature board and the design of the resto. We couldn't find their kitchen. Only bar at the restaurant area, so where they'll cook the food?? But, actually the kitchen is behind the one of Boutique at their left side, Hehehe...

When we arrived, they served us the Beetle Juice (IDR 35), combination of orange, pineapple, mango, kiwi and fresh passion pulp. This signature drink is really really fresh and sour, careful with your tummy if you have a magh and not eat anything yet. But so far I love this drink, so fresh!

Another drink that we also can to try is Smoke Rosemary. It's still unlisted on the menu and we are the first guest that able to tasted. So lucky (^_^). I love this mocktail, combined of rosemary burned inside the brandy then mixed with pineapple juice, lime and Syrup.

Not only those signature drink, after that they also asked us to tasted Pineapple & Cinnamon Roshka (left side), IDR 85. Combined of Vodca, pineapple liqueur, fresh pineapple, lime wedge, cinnamon & mix sugar. The vodca taste and the cinnamon is really strong. Guess what?? I don't like it!

Then they also served Nannini wine Specialty, Red wine combined with mix fresh fruit. Guess again?? I also doesn't like it! And it's pure my problem coz I don't really like red wine.

Finally, the menu tasting time, first is Nannini Wild Mushroom Soup (IDR 50). This Mushroom soup is really perfect. It's blend in my mouth, really soft and tasty. Believe me, one portion it will not enough for you, hehe..

It's quite long to the second dish, honestly me and some of friend planned to move to another resto, hehe... but then the menu came and they served the three main menu on one plate. I'm sure this is not the normal portion.

Those menu is Nannini Cordon Blue, Nannini Striploin and Nannini Salmon. I love their Striploin, grilled sirloin served with mashed potato and creamy champignon sauce is the besstt!! The meat is really soft, I'm able to chewed even using a teeth brace, perfect! For the Cordon Blue, it's just same with the others resto and the Salmon is also overcooked. I've informed this to the Chef, Mr. Francis Lim and he's apologized and promised to serve the better one on our next visit ^_^.

Finally, the dessert, and truly truly from the deepest of my heart, I love their Tiramisu. Guess what their cake is drenched with kahlua and Baileys but I really can't taste those ingredient, just sweet, melt and soft. You know some others Tiramisu is really make my tummy not feeling good when eat it because their rum is too much but this one is perfect. So, IDR 65 for a slice cake is worth to me.

Thanks for Goorme and Nannini for the invitations, I've enjoyed the meals and will back to visit you of course for the real portion of Nannini Striploin (~_^).

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