Apr 24, 2012

The Prewedding Concept, Behind The Scene

Talk about the prewedding photo, I always envy with the Korean couple and their prewedding style. How they can be so cute, white and romantic. It's too difficult to find the similar photo light and the view like the overseas in Indonesia, especially Japan and Korea photo light. I almost hopeless and planned just to use my prewedding photo at the photo studio as my prewedding photo on my wedding day.

But then, I found a gown that really made me melted *lebeeyy. You know, when I saw that gown, my waist is 74cm than that the gown size is 71cm. Even thought I still bought that gown, no matter what, hehe.. What the best is, I can decrease my size to be 72cm on two weeks and the gown is fit enough, yeeyyy... This is me, with the prewedding gown (^_^).

Then, because I really want outdoor theme, such as The Pine Forest. Finally we chosen Gunung Pancar at Bogor Sentul, Indonesia (of course!). We never came to this place before. At the first we just walk around to find the best spot and where each spot that we want to take a shoot. Thanks, God the place is awesome.

Is it look like on overseas?? Hehe...

Then, while the photographer try to get the best spot, best light, etc. Me and my friend just do some make up & wardrobe. There's no professional make up. I just did it with my friend help, cool!!

And the photo session begun! It was sooo funny, with many unexpected moment. The first place that we had to take a shot is very hot. I'm just sweating at a moment and that ruined my make up and hair, hehe.. The gown also very heavy and made my self so exhausted, pheewww...

 Look, We can't open our eyes, hehe, LOL!!

There's also moment when I can't walked because the gowns is too heavy and stuck at the grass and branch, also the pose that we couldn't stand to laugh, haha...

OK now look the picture bellow,

Another pictures, the reason why my husband looks like pervert (ahahaha) it's because the gown is too heavy and always there's a branch stuck inside the gown or the gown was slipped on my feet. It's true, he's helping me, thanks, babe! I never imagined that beautiful gown is really heavy, 8 Kilos, boooww.! *collapse.

Oh ya, and bellow is the most difficult pose.

Bebeh, tried to lifted me up. I know he's very tired, hahaha. My weight plus the gown that must be very hard to him, xixixixixi...

Anyway,  we have to thanked to all great photographer that helped us. You are sooooo great, guys! Gamshahamnida... m(-_-)m

See, they are so brilliant, right?? \(^o^)/

The right prewedding photo will be upload very soon, see you... (^_^)//


Apologize, if my grammar is really bad, hehe...

Apr 20, 2012

Nannini Menu Tasting at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

Kamis, 29 Maret 2012 saya dan beberapa teman blogger lainnya mendapat kesempatan untuk icip-icip hidangan Nannini Resto di soft launch gerai mereka yang kedua di Plaza Indonesia 2nd floor. I was quite impress with their signature board and the design of the resto. We couldn't find their kitchen. Only bar at the restaurant area, so where they'll cook the food?? But, actually the kitchen is behind the one of Boutique at their left side, Hehehe...

When we arrived, they served us the Beetle Juice (IDR 35), combination of orange, pineapple, mango, kiwi and fresh passion pulp. This signature drink is really really fresh and sour, careful with your tummy if you have a magh and not eat anything yet. But so far I love this drink, so fresh!

Another drink that we also can to try is Smoke Rosemary. It's still unlisted on the menu and we are the first guest that able to tasted. So lucky (^_^). I love this mocktail, combined of rosemary burned inside the brandy then mixed with pineapple juice, lime and Syrup.

Not only those signature drink, after that they also asked us to tasted Pineapple & Cinnamon Roshka (left side), IDR 85. Combined of Vodca, pineapple liqueur, fresh pineapple, lime wedge, cinnamon & mix sugar. The vodca taste and the cinnamon is really strong. Guess what?? I don't like it!

Then they also served Nannini wine Specialty, Red wine combined with mix fresh fruit. Guess again?? I also doesn't like it! And it's pure my problem coz I don't really like red wine.

Finally, the menu tasting time, first is Nannini Wild Mushroom Soup (IDR 50). This Mushroom soup is really perfect. It's blend in my mouth, really soft and tasty. Believe me, one portion it will not enough for you, hehe..

It's quite long to the second dish, honestly me and some of friend planned to move to another resto, hehe... but then the menu came and they served the three main menu on one plate. I'm sure this is not the normal portion.

Those menu is Nannini Cordon Blue, Nannini Striploin and Nannini Salmon. I love their Striploin, grilled sirloin served with mashed potato and creamy champignon sauce is the besstt!! The meat is really soft, I'm able to chewed even using a teeth brace, perfect! For the Cordon Blue, it's just same with the others resto and the Salmon is also overcooked. I've informed this to the Chef, Mr. Francis Lim and he's apologized and promised to serve the better one on our next visit ^_^.

Finally, the dessert, and truly truly from the deepest of my heart, I love their Tiramisu. Guess what their cake is drenched with kahlua and Baileys but I really can't taste those ingredient, just sweet, melt and soft. You know some others Tiramisu is really make my tummy not feeling good when eat it because their rum is too much but this one is perfect. So, IDR 65 for a slice cake is worth to me.

Thanks for Goorme and Nannini for the invitations, I've enjoyed the meals and will back to visit you of course for the real portion of Nannini Striploin (~_^).

Apr 8, 2012

This is all for Super Show 4, Indonesia

Actually, I really don't know that I was really crazy, silly atau mungkin terlalu lebeeyy. But yesterday was the biggest sacrifice that I've been to watch a concert. What concert?? Jangan ketawa ya, pren.. tak lain dan tak bukan, the no. 1 boys band in Korea, Super Junior. Ehemm...  *blushing.

If some of you remembered one of my list wish concert on 2012, yes Super Show (name of Super Junior concert) is included. So, when I knew they will concert in Jakarta. I am really exited. 

Tapi ternyata awal perjalanan saya untuk menonton konser itu tak semulus dan senyaman seperti beberapa konser yang pernah saya nonton sebelumnya. Pertama, dari promotor, Showmaxx Entertainment yang menurut saya amat teramat bodoh. Kenapa?? Karena Sebulan sebelum konser mereka baru memberitahukan tanggal konser tersebut yaitu 28-29 April 2012 dan kurang dari sebulan mereka baru memberitahukan lay out panggung, harga tiket dan the worst is public sale yang diadakan offline dalam satu hari dan dalam satu tempat. Haaaa... watdef&%$3**

Oke, itu belum seberapa.. yang paling bodoh lagi penjualan offline tiket yang terbagi dalam dua sesi itu dibuat sangat teramat ribet. 

Pertama, ada tiga tahap yang harus kami lewati. First, pengambilan no.antrian. Second pembayaran dan penukaran no. antrian menjadi voucher, dan third penukaran voucher pada H-1 nanti. Haaa.. it's so rempoonngg. 

Kedua, pengambilan no.antrian untuk konser di Day 1, 28 April, dibuka mulai 7 Februari 2012 pukul 00.00 WIB. Helloooo... ini mw beli tiket apa ketemu dedemit?? Dan lalu mereka menyuruh kami untuk tidak datang terlalu malam karena penukaran voucher baru akan dibuka pukul 08.00 WIB. Ini bodooohh.. ini super bodooohh.. iya, pak, bu kita gak dateng terlalu malem, tapi kita dateng tengah maleemmm. GIMANA BISA MEREKA NYURUH KITA JANGAN DATENG MALEM MALEM TAPI NO. ANTRIAN UDAH DIBUKA TENGAH MALEM??? 

Awalnya saya dan kedua teman saya sudah berencana untuk menggunakan jasa calo yang mau diberi upan Rp. 100.000 pertiket untuk antri. Tapi akhirnya rencana itu kami batalkan karena ternyata banyak ELF (Sebutan untuk Suju fans) yang datang ke Twin Plaza (Tempat dijualnya voucher tiket) dari sore hari tanggal 6 Februari. Laahh, akhirnya kita semua panik. Rencana batal, saya dan seorang teman saya, Devina akhirnya berbagi tugas. Karena saya nggak mungkin ngantri jam 12 malem, Devina bersedia datang ke Twin Plaza dari jam 9 malem dan she said antrian sudah menggila. Sumpah saya jadi nggak bisa tidur mikirin dia yang ngantri itu tiket sendirian, akhirnya kita berkomunikasi melalui phone, sms dan twitter. Beberapa kali dia bilang "sudah sesak nafas dan nggak kuat" but finally she got the no.antrian. Mau tau jam berapa dapetnya??? JAM 5 PAGI. DAN DIA NGANTRI DARI JAM 9 MALEM. GILAAAA!!!

Ketiga, untuk Super Show tanggal 29 April, pihak promotor berjanji akan membuka no.antrian tanggal 7 April pukul 8 pagi namun karena saking buanyaknya ELF yang ingin memonton event di hari kedua juga sudah datang berbarengan dengan ELF yang ingin menonton pertunjukan pada hari pertama, akhirnya mereka membuka no.antrian untuk hari kedua malam itu juga. DAN MEREKA TIDAK MEMBERITAHUKAN HAL TERSEBUT DI TWITTER, TEMPAT DIMANA MEREKA BERKOMUNIKASI DENGAN FANS!! Itulah yang akhirnya banyak membuat fans kecewa. Mereka yang mengikuti aturan untuk datang di pagi hari pun kecewa karena tiket untuk DAY 1 even DAY 2 SOLD OUT!! So, buat saya.. WAJAR SICH KALAU MEREKA NGAMUK.

Keempat, akhirnya tiba giliran saya untuk mengantri. Devina sudah tepar dan tak sanggup menunggu saya di Twin Plaza. She back to the hotel at Aston, Marina. Akhirnya jam 6 pagi saya meluncur menggunakan taxi biru dari Cibubur ke Aston, setibanya di Aston sekitar pukul 7 pagi Devina langsung menyambut saya di Lobby lalu mulai menceritakan pengalaman nitemare-nya semalam. Cup cup, salut buat temanku yang satu ini. Beruntung dulu kitah sering clubbing ya, preenn. Jadi kuat lah berdiri semaleman, wkwkwkwk... 

Setibanya di Twin Plaza hotel pukul Delapan pagi, saya stress karena suasana sudah rusuh, penuh, pengap! Tidak bisa dibedakan mana ELF yang sudah punya no.antrian dan mana yang memang baru datang untuk mengambil no.antrian. Panitia pun tidak terlihat, hanya banyak polisi dimana-mana dan gerimis pun mulai turun. AAAAHHHH, sumpah ini bodoooohhh!!

Akhirnya beberapa orang security promotor berkeliling, menggunakan TOA mereka memberitahukan untuk pulang. ELF tetap tak mau pulang dan meminta pertanggungjawab si SHERWIN, kepala promotornya untuk keluar but he never show his face! COWARD!! Dua orang panita yang saya tanya mengatakan tidak tahu bagaimana nasib kami yang ingin menukar tiket. Seorang lagi menyuruh  saya untuk pulang dan meunggu pemberitahuan pembayaran di online nanti. Tapi saya tidak menyerah dan pasrah begitu saja. Saya tetap bertahan disitu, karena pemberitahuan yang didapat Devina semalam jika saat pembayaran, jam 8 pagi ini, no.antrian yang dipanggil tidak ada, maka tiket akan hangus. WUIIIHHH, gile aja kalau sampe tiket gw angus.

Finally saya bertemu seorang ibu bersama dua orang anaknya. Chinese gitu dhey, dia bilang kemarin dia menyuruh supirnya untuk mengantri dari pukul 4 sore hari dan dapat no.antrian pukul 2 dini hari. Beberapa saat kami hanya berdiri tanpa kepastian bersama beberapa orang yang juga sudah mempunyai no.antrian. Hingga akhirya, Lili, nama ibu tersebut meminta Supirnya untuk mencari tahu dan memberi uang rokok sebgai pelicin. Tak berapa lama sang supir kembali dan dirinya meminta kami utnuk mengikutinya. Kami berjalan cepat menerobos kerumunan, becek, hingga akhirnya kami tiba di parkiran basement. Ternyata para ELF yang sudah mempunyai no.antrian diperbolehkan melewati tangga darurat melalui basement untuk melakukan pembayaran yang tetap dilakukan hari ini. HUAAAAAAAAAAAA, WATDEFAAAAKKKK!!! Untung gw ngikut tuh ibu-ibu, gimana kalo gw ngikutin omongan panita yang nyuruh gw pulang ituhhh! Bisa gak dapet tiket gue! 

So, finally sayah amaaannn. Sayah sudah didalam lobby, ngelantai bersama ELF lainnya yang sudah mengantri semalaman dan saya duduk didepan muka sang panitia yang mengatur no.antrian. Mau tau no. antrian saya berapa?? Ini dia..

It's meant saya harus menunggu 1000 pengantri lagi, karena masing-masing pos berjumlah 1000 dan saat ini baru Pos A no. 250. Haaa, you know what?? Pos-nya sampai F or G kalo gak salah, hiiiii...Akhirnya saya mengantri bersama mereka. Mereka ini yang sudah mengantri dari semalam, dan jika kalian melihat di tivi dan internet, masih buanyaaakkk sekali ELF yang tetap bertahan diluar.

Finally I got the voucher ticket pukul 14.00 WIB. Gilaaaaaa... rasa lelah ngantri dari diri, duduk, diri lagi akhirnya terbayar saat no. B 250 dipanggil dan naik ke lantai dua. Even di lantai dua pun harus mengantri lagi. But it's okeh... sayah terima. Selama berdiri menunggu giliran untuk membayar, panitia menyajikan kami musik Super Junior beserta video klipnya. Disitu saya tersenyum, gilaaa.. kenapa saya sampe begini ya?? Mereka ini siapa?? Saya gak hafal semua lagunya. Saya nggak hafal semua personilnya. Saya cuma mau liat satu orang, SIWON. Dulu di Kimchi concert nih orang nggak dateng dan buat saya bete nggak ketulungan.

Yes, I got the Voucher ticket!!!!! Even not the BOX that we wanted (We want Box D but got Box B) but it's fine! We better than the other ELF yang nggak dapat tiket. Now, it's just counting the day. I really hope the Super Show concert will be amazing and unforgotable so my backpain and my sore feet will be paid. And the important thinggg, CHOI SIWON will be coming!!!! I did it for you, Siwoooonn... *nangis darah. 

Hwaiting, Mellyy... \(^_^)/