Mar 19, 2012

Chillin' at Bunk, Pullman CP, Jakarta

Need a place to relax with friends tapi bosan dengan tempat yang itu-itu aja?? Gimana kalau malam nanti kita coba datang ke Bunk at Pullman Hotel, Central Park. A few week ago I got invitation at Bunk, the lounge inside the Pullman Hotel Central Park and rightly you come to this hotel, you will see the Bunk on right side. Ms. Rita, said they will introduce the famous tapas, various Cocktails & Mocktails  including the Signature drink, Bloody Mary.

Maybe I fall in love with their various Cocktail & Mocktails so I tasted almost all the variant, look the picture bellow, beberapa sloki itu belum semuanya lho, haha.. Oh ya, tiga variant cake itu, that's my favorite. Rasanya lembuuuutttt sekali aku sukaaa... *ngebayangin.

Ok, sebelum beralih ke makanan kita lihat dulu venue of this Bunk. For me, the venue a lil bit retro but still cozy. Desain ruang, hiasan, kursi, pencahayaan hingga bentuk tangga pun benar-benar menarik mata. Also there's a live DJ, cool, right?? I like it!

I dunno why but I love this stair! Can I have one?? *nyengir

Also what the best at Bunk is, they have a private area on the second floor but there are no charge for that. Ohohoho, great, right??

Ok, now I'm thirsty and a glass of Favarica is the best choice for me. This cocktail is really good. Perpaduan antara Apple Syrup, Brown Sugar, potongan apple hijau dan Soda, haaa.. segarnya \(^_^)/. Another Cocktail are Bridgespoon & Cheery and Cream Pie. Hmmm... bayangkan perpaduan melon, cherry, yogurt dan grenadine syrup pada Bridgespoon & Cheery dan bayangkan kita meminum Yogurt pisang saat Cream Pie membasahi tenggorokan kita, aaahhh... I love ittt!

There's also another Cocktail & Mocktail and also Virgin Bloody Mary such as Tom Yum Bloody Mary. If you like Tom Yum and Alcohol you better try this drink. But for, me.. ehem I like Tom Yum and lil bit alcohol but Tom Yum Bloody Mary it's just not right for me, hehe.

Another dishes is Tapas. There are Miss Sixty Plater, terdiri dari Labiose Duck breast, Mini Spring roll, retro maki, Sesame flavored and prown skewer. Also there's a Retro Pop Platter, terdiri dari Squid Tempura, Poached Duck Breast, Mushroom Risotto, Crab Meat and Shrimp. Because my allergic I just tasted the Risotto and the the taste is not bad. The Thailand Sauce is really perfect combination.

I love their way to serve the tapas. Interesting, right??

The last dishes is my favorite. There are four variant they served, Fudge cake, Blueberry Cheese cake, Strawberry Opera cake and green tea white chocolate. Guess what?? I loveeeee all those cakes. Really, all those cakes is really great. Soft, sweet and melted in my mouth, I really love it.

After that they invited us to get around the Pullman Hotel. Started with the room hotel, the executive lounge, the Collegue, the Garden, the Spa (I wish they give me the voucher treatment, haha), The Swimming Pool and the Function Hall. What the best spot at Pullman room is this,

Tribeca View, beautiful isn't??

So berminat datang ke Pullman malam nanti?? (~_^)


bob si pelaut said...

hmmmm...yummiiiii......enak sekali dilihat,,,rasa pasti enakkk...

Melly's Preference said...

Apanyaaaa??? Cake apa tapasnyaaa??
Cakenya enak lhooo, hoho