Dec 3, 2012

Pieces Me


Why? Because I dunno what to do and dunno what to write in this blog. I really lost my blog appetite. But, like a home I have to come back once and share what I've been done.

Food, coffee, Tea and Blackberry is always around me.

I got a promotion and this food is the witnesses of the stress begun. Promotion = more responsibility = more target = more stress = lost appetite

Even the fake monkey  beside me doesn't want to see the stressful around my face and so do I.

Food blogger gathering? Sometimes I'm in but mostly not. I gained my weight, can you see that??

See, I still dunno what to say in this blog. Sorry -_____-"

Oct 25, 2012

Sensation of the Duck Creation at KopiTiam, Plaza Singapura

When you visit Plaza Singapura, don't forget to come to Food center at 6st floor. There are so many various food. Even the charge is Quite expensive but if you able to find the good one, off course you'll also got the good price.

I choose The Duck Noddle, S$4.8/portion at Kopi Tiam. The taste of the soup is sweet and spicy.

See, the noddle is very thick. Similar with Udon but the color is same with Soto Mie in Indonesia.

Than my friend ordered Roasted Duck with Rice doused with Hoisin Sauce, S$4.8/portion. This is also yummy.

So, don't forget to explore the Food court when you visit Plaza Singapura.

Kopitiam, Plaza Singapura
Unit: #06-15/16/17 Tel : (65) 6837 0046

Bugis Food Temptation, Singapore

First time I went to Bugis Junction, the place is look horrible for me. It's kind a Blok M mall and the Bugis street looks like Melawai market. But the last time I went there, Feb 2012, the place is better. The Bugis junction also comfort with many various restaurant and food court. 

The one I tried is Ice coffee by Uncle's Kitchen, S$2.5/ glass. The taste is like Nescafe ice for me. Not really good but not really bad.

Still at the Uncle's Kitchen, I ordered Fried Rice with Fried Chicken, S$ 4.8/portion. The Fried Chicken is really huge, I wondering what kind of chicken they use -____-". The taste is also so so.

Then my friend ordered Fish & veggie, S$ 4.8/portion. The taste is better than what I ordered, sigh....

Not enough with that, now we to tasted Subway Sandwich. Many food reviewer said Subway taste is really good but for me the taste is just so so, and they doesn't have chili sauce, aaarrgghhh....

Looks, what do you think about the Bugis street look? Similar with Melawai, Blok M, right??

We can find my cheap street food at this area. Charge for each is only S$1, food and drink even the gift food is also quite cheap. Oh ya, the interesting point is they sale the fruit at the nite. All of fruit you can find only S$1 per package. Great!!

At Bugis area, we also can find many Indonesia people who also live at the hotel near here. So far me, I love the Bugis. Cheap food, cheap accommodation but good service.

Lucky Plaza, the Food Corner

Who doesn't know of The Lucky Plaza? The Place at The Orchard road that you can find cheap souvenir and even cosmetic and fragrance. But do you know even the goods, Lucky plaza also have a cheap food center? I've tried and some of them are recommended.

Do you believe this Roast Duck with Hainan Rice is only S$4?? Yes, of course you have to believe. The taste is also not bad. You have to try it, pals!

Above is my favorite Kimchi Ramyun ever!! The taste is really good and I love it. First, the menu looks similar as Indomie Kari Ayam with veggie, egg blended with sweet and sour sauce but if you try it, the taste is really Korean. How should I explain?? Ya, better if you try it, pals, hehehe... This Ramyun with the side dish is only S$5.

Nasi Lemak, Malaysia, S$10. Quite expensive and the taste is not good. Weeww, this is not recommended,sorry!

I wondering, why Malaysian and Indonesian food always taste really bad at Singapore?? Do you?

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant, Singapore

Trust me this Miyabi Japanese Resto is really different with the Miyabi Sushi at Jakarta. The taste, the charge and the privilege is really exclusive. Miyabi Resto only open at Lunch time and Dinner time and only the member who able to book the place via phone.

I ordered Salmon Sushi, SGD 9 and Tuna Sushi, SGD 12. The fish is really thick and fresh, love it.

I also ordered Salmon Tepanyaki set, with veggie and miso soup but I can't remember how the charge is. The taste is also really good.

The Tepanyaki veggie with crispy Tuna skin.

There are also free salad and fruit for us, great :)

So far this place is really recommended, I hope I'll able to back to this restaurant again, Itadakimazuuu..


Miyabi Japanese Restaurant
1 Plymouth Ave
2nd Storey Raffles Town Club
Tel: 63573335

Oct 24, 2012

Starbot Cafe, Universal Studio Singapore

There's an unique cafe at Universal Studio, Singapore. The name is Starbot cafe near on Transformer area. 

See, we are in the Autobot plane, hahahaha... This venue is really attract the children and also my hubby who really crazy with the Transformer.

Then for the food, I ordered Sausage Combo, SGD 12.80. There are Sausage Grilled with veggie & mashed potato also a cup of Pudding Lychee for dessert.

 I couldn't finished all, the portion is really huge but the taste is not really good.

Above is Teriyaki combo, SGD 12.80. Teriyaki chicken Fried Rice with the vegie. Aaahh, this's also not good. -_____-"

Btw they gave us those Green Bean cake for free, it's kind a Onde-onde at Jakarta but trust me, Onde-onde taste is so much better than this.

Overall I felt not happy when eat at this restaurant, even the venue is awesome but the taste is awful, sigh...

Starbot Cafe
Resort World Sentosa
Universal Studio Singapore

Andersen's Ice Cream, Singapore

Another my favorite ice cream besides Belgian Chocolate Hagen Dazs is Andersen's Almond Bar at Plaza Singapura. 

My first photo taking picture with this cute ice cream.

This Almond Bar, SGD 5.50 is really huge, thick and yummy. I have to say Magnum ice cream is cannot beat this one. Even I really don't like vanilla ice cream but every time I ate this one I always finished all the whole thing of this ice cream, hehehe...

Than my hubby favorite is the Chocolate flavor with the Choco Cip additonal, SGD 7. The taste is same delicious as the Hagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate, also love this one.

I'll always come back to this place when I visit Singapore. 

Andersen's of Denmark
Plaza Singapura
Telp : 65-65696256

Oct 22, 2012

Eatology, 1st Visit

Eatology is the name of one of the newest fine dining at Jalan Sabang, so when this restaurant is near from the office, I stopped by to lunch with my hubby. When I went there, there are some promotion such as by meal free drink and get free dessert if we follow their twitter.

Then for meal, I ordered Wagyu Prime steak, IDR 108K with free drink, Ice lemon tea. The steak appearance really made my mouthwatering and hurry to tasted but what I got is not as my expected. The meat is really tough and hard to chewed. The BBQ sauce is also really sour. So what should I say?? 

My hubby ordered Sesame Beef Bowl, IDR 69 with Orange Juice, IDR 35. The taste of this food is also just so so.

The corner that made me felt in love.

The wood and marble decoration really blended perfectly at this restaurant.

Eatology also had a smoking and non smoking area but I chooses the smoking area because the decoration is really comfort and unique. The non smoking area just like a dining room, too bad :(

For me, with the decoration and the taste of the food, Eatology is only the place for release your stress or chat with your friend or colleague after the office hour. I heard they try to fix their things to make this restaurant better. Maybe I'll come to this restaurant again but not for this time. So, wanna try to come?

Jl. H Agus Salim No. 22 D-E Jakarta Pusat
021 - 31991135

Kind Villa Bintang Beach Resto, Bali

It's such a loooonng time that I've been hibernate. Ya, I'm lil bit bussy and really no mood to blogging. I really need to take a break all of this routine and when I remembered this pictures, moment I went to Bali last year, it kind a nostalgic.

This beach resto has a garden bar. Very quite in the morning and changes to be hip in the noon. Even they changed the romantic song when only me & my hubby on that restaurant.

Candle light dinner in the garden while watching  the beach, great!

You can see those view from your seat, I love it.

I ordered T-bone steak with potato and vegetable, IDR 100K something. I can't remember but the taste is quite good.

My hubby ordered the Nasi Goreng Kampung, IDR 70K something and the taste is great.

So far I love this restaurant, beside the mosquito invasion on  my candle lite dinner, lay down in this hut is so heaven.

Oh, Bali I miss you -____-"

Kind Villa Bintang Beach Restaurant at Beach Resort
Jl. Pratama, Tanjung Benoa
Nusa Dua, Bali 

Aug 14, 2012

The New Interior of Urban Kitchen SenCy

Siapa yang tidak tau Urban Kitchen? Restaurant dengan berbagai pilihan makanan yang berdiri sejak tahun 2007 di Senayan City. Kali ini, FOOD NATION didaulat sebagai tag line terbaru Restaurant yang berkonsep Boutique Food Court ini. Dengan kapasitas hingga 450 tempat duduk, area smoking dan non-smoking yang terpisah. Desain interior yang simple namun tetap homy juga lighting yang berwarna-warni namun tetap berkesan cozy menjadi daya tarik tersendiri untuk tetap berlama-lama di Restaurant ini.

Various food counter, Indonesian food, Italian, Japanese, Korean until American Food.

Kung, my new favorite Korean Food Restaurant.

The Trees & the warm Lighting concept.

I love the yellow and the board concept.

The Alley and the counter lighting, perfect!

This, what I like at this place. From the House tree,

Now we can move to Retro area. And don't forget the Yellow and the cafe area at front.

They mixed the seat design to many interior concept so the place isn't seem boring.

And by the way, those of Jajanan Jadoel not only for complete the design, gals. Yes, we can find my Favorite Kue Rangi, Lekker, etc at this food court. Cool, isn't??