Jul 22, 2011

Haising Hotel at Singapore (Preference's Where?)

It was my second time to visit Singapore and that was the first time I stayed in a budget hotel. I used to stayed at Supreme Hotel on Kramat Road, near Orchard Road. The  charge is quite cheap for kind of hotel near Orchard. Last year we still can get $80/nite but last week the charge has been increase to be $129/nite without breakfast (with agent, published $180/nite) and the worst thing is the hotel was fully booked.

Whuaaa, rada-rada nervous juga karena baru dapet surat dinas Jumat sore dan dengan budget $120-150/nite sudah dapat dipastikan saya nggak akan dapet hotel didaerah Orchard untuk hari selasa hingga Jumat. Aneh banget dhey kok bisa semua hotel di Orchard penuh pas tanggal segitu! Apa karena akang Harry bakal tayang 14-nya ya? ckckck...

Akhirnya si Bos baru ngasih rekomendasi kalo dulu dia pernah nginep di hotel didaerah Bugis, the name is Haising Hotel. Meluncurlah sayah ke website si budget hotel itu, http://www.haising.com.sg/. Dan ow ow, langsung ill-feel liat gambar kamarnya! Apalagi liat beberapa review yang bilang kalo haising hotel ini jeleknya gak karuan, huaaa... Tapi bagaimana? Gak ada pilihan lain, dan si pak Bos juga bilang kalo hotelnya gak sehorrible digambarnya kok! Akhirnya diputuskanlah untuk nge-booked hotel ini untuk satu malam. Test dulu, kalo emang kamarnya jelek ya cabut! Cari yang lain, begitu pikiran saya, hehe...

On 12 Pm we arrive at the hotel, opposite of the Sim Lim Tower. We went there by taxi and the cost is S$16. Agak kurang sreg emang ya dengan tampilan depan hotelnya, hehe...

The looks of the receptionist is not really formal, they didn't wear any uniform and they looks like a husband and wife, so I conclude maybe this is a family business *sotoy. We paid for 1 nite $60/single room with window and deposit key for $30. If we lost the key, we have to pay $50, weuww! I said to them, I want to check the room first, if it's oke so I will extend for two nite more and they said OK! I have to inform them at last at the nite.
Ajaibnya, ternyata pintu masuk hotelnya bukan dari ruangan resepsionis itu tapi kita harus keluar dan lewat dari pintu disampingnya, hayaah... Oh ya, this hotel also didn't have a lift. Beruntunglah ruangan sayah cuma di lantai dua dan yang bawa koper bukan sayah, hahaha...

And tadaaaaa.... this is the room.

Buka pintu, tengok ke kanan tempat tidur dan tengok kiri, tadaaa...

(I lost the photo, sigh..)

Langsung kamar mandi. The room is really small and there's no cabinet (Yahh, gak muat juga kali yah, hehehe...), only four hanger for your clothes behind the door and I think we can hear any footstep on the alley outside your room.

(I lost the photo, sigh..)

But yeah, what did you expect with charge only $60/nite, Melly! At least the room is clean. The bed cover is not itchy and there's no mark or bugs. So, it's OK! The toilet also clean. There's a towel and tissue, also there's cold and hot water, it's great right?

(I lost the photo, sigh..)

They also tidy up your room everyday. Clean your glass and cleaning the toilet. So, for me.. this hotel is recommended for the budget traveler. MRT station also not really far from this hotel, around 5-10 minutes on foot to reach the Bugis station. While your walk to the station, you can do some windows shopping at Bencollen street,  Bugis market and Bugis Junction. So, it was quite fun! Finally, I extend for two more nite stayed. Btw relaxxx, never ever think Bugis is really far from the city. By MRT you can reach every single place easily and the important is you'll never get lost at Singapore. So, enjoy Singaporeeee, hohoho....

Haising Hotel
37 Jalan Besar Singapore 208801
Tel: (65) 62981223 Fax: (65) 62986609
Email: hs@haising.com.sg

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